Yaytek continues its spring production with a whole new face and understanding in 2010 which started to produce springs in Konya in the year of 1978. On the footsteps of technological developments in the industry, the company continues to provide service as a company adopted quality and reliability as main principles. Yaytek with more than 36 years of experience, increased expertise and quality in each spring and have shot for the sky. Yaytek transforms metal into arts with the machinery and equipment pool proved to be high-quality in the world and trained technical staff in a closed area of 1000 m² and offers private and special solutions to demands of each client such as tailors. Yaytek is an incomparable supplier for its many clients. The reason for this honor is its commitment to customers, total quality commitment, large production capacity, producing variety ranges from 0.20 mm to 12 mm and most importantly; excellent technical support service offered at all stages. Our company makes production for various sectors mainly for automotive, military defense, sanitary plumbing, agriculture and hydraulic power industry.

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